TSS Publishing

Translation Submissions

TSS Publishing and Lakeview Journal are collaborating in a cross-platform endeavour that seeks to explore the short short-story (flash fiction, micro-fiction) in Indian languages and the challenges of translating work into English.

We are calling for writers, translators, and academics to respond to a call for the following:


  • The history of short short-stories (stories under 1,000 words) in the Indian languages.
  • The art of translations – the considerations and challenges of translating from Indian regional languages into English.
  • Original short short-stories (under 1000 words) in an Indian language.
  • Translators able to translate original short, short stories in English.


Please register your interest or send through your work direct to lakeview@theshortstory.co.uk  In your email, please include details of your project and a third person biography.

All selected writers we choose to work with will be paid, terms and conditions to be discussed in advance of publication. Selected work will be split between TSS Publishing and Lakeview Journal, at the editors’ discretion and published on the websites. Where possible, the original works of fiction will be published alongside the translations – please ensure due permissions are granted by the original authors.

If the response to this call is positive, TSS Publishing and Lakeview Journal will discuss co-editing an anthology of short fiction translation in time for the Jaipur Festival in January 2019.

Please highlight you interest in this as we may seek to work with you with regards to this project.