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The Short Story Interview: Lynne Voyce

Lynne Voyce has published almost fifty short stories and won many awards. Her first collection, Kirigami, was published last December by Ink Tears Press. She lives in Birmingham with her family where she teaches in an inner city comprehensive school….
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The Short Story Interview: Melanie Whipman

Melanie Whipman is a writer, editor and creative writing teacher, specialising in the short story form. Her work has been broadcast on Radio 4 and published in various literary and commercial magazines and anthologies. She is an Associate Lecturer and runs creative…
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Christopher Fielden in converssation with TSS Publishing on short stories and writing

The Short Story Interview: Christopher Fielden

Christopher Fielden is author of the acclaimed thriller Wicked Game. He has also had a number of short stories published and his website is of great help to aspiring writers. Interview by Rupert Dastur   When did you begin writing? When…
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