Reviews of The Short Story’s Critiques

Below, you can read some of feedback we have received from customers who have used our short story critique services.


I was impressed with the speed, skill, and sensitivity of The Short Story’s Editor’s Critique – James Malvern

The short story critique was excellent. Extremely perceptive – it’s helped me not just with this short story, but with writing in general. Thank you – Alice Allford

Fantastic service. I’ll be back! – John Williamson

I’ve recommended you to friends. Very detailed feedback. Friendly and professional – Alwyn Ruse

Great short story critique all round – Clive Jordan

One of the best tick-sheet critiques I’ve had. You get more than just a few pointers, so it’s excellent value for money. Also helpful to be steered in the right direction – Harry Ferris

I’ve tried out both of the Short Story Critiques and each was excellent. I think in many ways you highlight the things that I already half know, but am either too lazy to change or hope they’ll just do; it’s useful to be prodded and to have someone highlight the importance of editing. Excellent service and impressively quick turn-around! – Mike Wheatfield

The recommendations of other short stories to read were extremely helpful. Great holistic approach to the form. Made me think about the short story in a new light – Grace Williams