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CNF Competition

In anticipation of Editors Rachael Smart and Dr. Yvonne Battle-Felton launching Creative Non-Fiction with TSS Publishing, we are excited to bring you this short competition, before we open to general submissions on 8th October (full details here).

  1. It’s free to enter.
  2. Please spread the word by tweeting about the competition or sharing it on Facebook.
  3. This competition is open from noon on 24th September to midnight 7th October UK time. 
  4. Winner will be published on the website and receive £100.
  5. Up to two Highly Commended pieces will also be published on the website. 

Please have a read of our guidelines below before sending us your work. 

  • Submissions must be in English.
  • Entries should not exceed 400 words.
  • Please fact-check carefully and provide references for source materials; do provide us with a web link to verify sources where possible.
  • If there are any details in your CNF piece that you are unsure of due to memory and/or time passed, do email a disclaimer to clarify any creative liberties taken.
  • Consider the repercussions of writing about others. Seek permission if you decide to name people or anonymise where appropriate. TSS Publishing can hold no responsibility for any dispute raised regarding the content of your creative nonfiction.
  • Entries should be the sole work of the author.
  • Entries should be 12pt, a regular font, i.e. Times New Roman, Calibri or Georgia, and at least 1.5 spaced.
  • Please put the title and word count on the first page. Please number the pages.
  • Do NOT put your name on the document. All reading is blind. 
  • Your work must not have been previously published online (incl. blogs, journals, websites) or in print (incl. magazines, books, journals). 
  • Simultaneous submissions are not allowed. We’ll be having a quick turnaround. 
  • Please submit as a Word Doc or DocX. We do not accept PDF files.
  • Please submit ONE piece only.
  • The decision of readers and editors is final. We do not enter into correspondence about decisions.
  • We do not wish to see essays that are gratuitously violent, sexual, or prejudicial.


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