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TSS Publishing chapbooks – individual short stories – released every few months. The next series, a set of six, is due to for release early in 2019. Five chapbooks in the first series have already been published, with the sixth to follow at the end of 2018. Chapbooks can be purchased individually or as a subscription.

The A6 chapbooks have been carefully crafted with high quality 120gm paper and a beautiful cover design. They are printed by the independent, family-run printers Furnival Press, who were established in 1862 and are currently based in Kennington, London

Each chapbook is limited to just 250 copies.

Subscribers will be sent each chapbook as it is released as well as a small bookmark.



TSS Chapbooks, Series One


No. 1 –  A Flood in the Yucatán, by Sean Lusk

‘In his evocative story, Sean Lusk explores the relationship between language and culture. How much of ourselves do we give away when we share the words that define our world?’ Adam Marek

No. 2Waiting for the Runners, by Chloe Turner 

‘I was struck by the vivid tones and the warm heartbeat at the centre of this weighted story, the skilled and subtle act of revelation.’ Catherine Mcnamara

No. 3 The Tip, by Matthew G. Rees 

‘As a poisoned love letter to both Russia and Russian culture, this is a short Gogol-esque masterpiece of absurdity, black comedy and fear’ Alan Bilton

No. 4 Out to Wreck, by Conor O’Sullivan

‘An impressive snapshot of a curdled night, ‘Out to Wreck’ is a ferocious volley of punches that doesn’t let up. Conor O’Sullivan’s roar is constant, engaging and unsettling, and the resulting intensity the tale’s uncomfortable charm.’ Sean Preston

No. 5 Waiting for the Rat, by Megan Taylor 

‘Airbnb reinvented by Freud. In an apartment-hire nightmare of noise, colour and secret rooms, Taylor’s protagonist discovers you can’t tale a holiday from your own life.’ Nicholas Royle.

No. 6Remnants, Christopher M. Drew

This is a visceral story, told with punchy, muscled writing. There’s an underlying delicacy to the relationship between father and son, and a poignant sense of growth. C. G. Menon

You can read about our selected writers here.

Each short story has been specifically selected for its excellence. The series as a whole reflects the both the seriousness and playfulness of the form

The chapbooks make fantastic gifts for short fiction readers.





Subscribers will be directly supporting contemporary authors and the work of independent publishing. 

We intend to maintain the series for many years and believe that the chapbooks will be particularly popular among collectors and connoisseurs of quality literature. 






UK subscription: £24.00 

EU subscription: £37.00 

Rest of the world: £30.00 

(prices include postage and packaging)

Please note that complete series are running out. Limited supply. 

Five of the chapbooks have been published and these will be sent to you on receipt of payment. The remaining one will be sent following publication at the end of the year. 

Individual chapbooks: £4.25 (UK only)

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