Biffy Microfiction Contests

With the launch of BIFFY50, our Senior Editors are on the hunt for the best British and Irish Flash Fiction, between June 2018 and the end of May 2019.

We are keen to celebrate the excellence of Flash Fiction and will be running four microfiction competitions across the twelve months.

This season’s judge is Senior Editor Rebecca Williams who has chosen the theme of weather.

Judge’s Comments

Discussing the weather seems to be one of those peculiarly traditional British pastimes that transcends every possible barrier. From the current heatwave to the snowfall in March, 2018 has treated us to some extravagant displays. In writing, weather is often used as a reflection of the emotional status of the characters within, but can you do better than storms and sunshine to provide a unique and textured story in only 100 words or less?

You can also read TSS Publishing’s interview with Rebecca here.


The Competition


OPEN: Monday 13th August – 19th August (12pm U.K. time)

To enter:

  1. Send your story (max. 100 words, excluding title) in the body of an email, to
  2. Provide a recommendation of a Flash Fiction (100-1000 words) written by an Irish or British author, published online after 1st June 2018, pasting the URL beneath your own flash fiction. Before subbing, please have a quick look at our guidelines here. Entrants should recommend the work of other writers, not their own please.
  3. Microfiction should be in English, the sole work of the author, and previously unpublished online or in print.
  4. A maximum of three entries are permitted. Please send each microfiction in a separate email and provide a new recommendation for every entry. 
  5. Entry is free and the best microfiction pieces will be published on this site and the overall winner will receive £75 (via PayPal).
  6. Please note this competition is the free Biffy50 Microfiction competition, not the TSS Flash 400 competition which you can read about here, if interested. 

This is an international competition, but please note that the recommendations MUST be written British or Irish writers (dual citizenship is accepted).

If you have any problems entering or sending your piece, please email