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On Writing and Rejection

  Wallowing in yet another rejection today, I realized that writers are either bat-shit-crazy or masochists. Almost every writer who has made it (and lots who haven’t) will explain the need for thick skin. GET USED TO REJECTON, they say,…
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Ideas and Inspiration in Short Stories

Shore to Shore author Tamsin Hopkins discusses her own writing practice and asks three emerging short fiction writers (Emily Devane, Stuart North, and Sarah Hegarty) how they approach catching and keeping the best ideas. There is also an opportunity for readers to…
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Carys Davies and the Multitasking Opener

Article by Tamsin Hopkins, author of Shore to Shore If, like me, you keep a notebook just for recording the beginnings of short stories you read, after a while you begin to notice just how much some writers can get into the…
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Erinna Mettler interview with The Short Story

The Short Story Interview: Erinna Mettler

Erinna Mettler’s first novel, Starlings, was published in 2011 by Revenge Ink. Erinna is a founder and co-director of the spoken word collective Rattle Tales and the newly established Brighton Prize, the city’s only short story competition. Her stories have…
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26 The Short Story Review

The Short Story Event Review: Verbose (Manchester)

Verbose Fallow Café Monday 25 January, 7.30pm (free entry) 7 Fictions – printed collection info: Edited by Rodge Glass Published by Edge Hill University in 2015 Free 56 pages ISBN 9781900230582 Review by Abi Hynes For those of you who…
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