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Jo Mazelis

Jo Mazelis, The Art of Short Fiction No. 1

The first time I had the pleasure of encountering the short fiction of Jo Mazelis was through her short story ‘Levitation, 1969’ which appeared in the anthology New Welsh Short Stories released by Seren Books (reviewed here). Eight months later,…
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Short Stories: Making a Collection, Part I

Article by Tamsin Hopkins, author of Shore to Shore. What’s good, what’s bad and how brutal is it out there? Warning – not for the faint-hearted.   At some point most writers of short fiction will amass a sufficient body…
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On Writing Short Stories: Observations and Apercus

Charlie Hill is the author of two novels, with a novella due in September from Cinnamon Press. His short stories have been widely published in print and online. Most recently, his work has appeared in The Lonely Crowd and Spelk and was…
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The Development of the British Short Story

The Development of the British Short Story: Volume 1 Professor Charles E. May is currently working on a history of the British Short Story as a genre in which he analyzes the structure and theme of a number of important stories and…
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Setting and Place in Short Stories

Article by Tamsin Hopkins, author of SHORE TO SHORE Why should I care about setting in my stories? I always skip long descriptive passages, they’re boring. If that sounds like you, if you’ve ever had the ghost of that thought…
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Ideas and Inspiration in Short Stories

Shore to Shore author Tamsin Hopkins discusses her own writing practice and asks three emerging short fiction writers (Emily Devane, Stuart North, and Sarah Hegarty) how they approach catching and keeping the best ideas. There is also an opportunity for readers to…
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