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  • 13/05 ARTICLE. Tamsin Hopkins writes about making a Short Story Collection and speaks to Cathy Galvin (Word Factory) and Jennifer Hamilton-Emery (Salt Publishing).
  • 11/05 ARTICLE. Professor Charles E. May joiners the TSS Team and offers our readers a glimpse into the rise of the British Short Story.
  • 10/05 REVIEW. Abi Hynes reviews live literature event ‘Bad ‘Language’ and Lara Williams’ deby short story collection Treats
  • 05/05 INTERVIEW. Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn speaks to Clare Reddaway about short fiction and drama.
  • 04/05 COMPETITION. The shortlist foe the TSS Flash Fiction Competition has been announced.
  • 03/05 INTERVIEW. Marie Getting talks to Nuala Ní Chonchúir about her short fiction writing.


  • 29/04 INTERVIEW. Rupert Dastur speaks to Mark Budman, editor of Vestal Review, about Flash Fiction.
  • 28/04 REVIEW. Debbi Voisey reviews Polly Samson’s short story collection Modern Voices.
  • 26/04 INTERVIEW. Rupert Dastur speaks to Flash Fiction writer and editor Meg Pokrass.
  • 25/04 REVIEW. Maria Powell reviews James Lasdun’s short story collection It’s Beginning to Hurt.
  • 19/04 AWARD. TSS welcomes Leon Craig to the award-winning family.
  • 18/04 REVIEW. Rupert Dastur reviews Michael Stewart’s short story collection Mr Jolly.
  • 17/04 ARTICLE. Rupert Dastur looks at the difficulties and tribulations of facing rejection as a writer.
  • 15/04 INTERVIEW. Samantha James speaks to award-winning short story writer Kate Cayley
  • 14/04 COMPETITION. Jacqueline Haskell wins TSS Monthly Flash Fiction with her excellent piece ‘Of Bugs and Men’.
  • 12/04 ARTICLE. Tamsin Hopkins explores the creation of short stories in her article ‘Ideas and Inspiration’ featuring interviews with emerging short story writers Emily Devane, Sarah Hegarty, and Stuart North.
  • 11/04 REVIEW. James Holden reviews Jesse Eisenberg’s new short story collection ‘Bream Gives Me Hiccups’.
  • 09/04 RESOURCES. TSS expands its range of resources to include a Podcast page, featuring 25 short stories from Sherwood Anderson’s seminal short story collection ‘Whinesburg, Ohio’
  • 07/04 COMP. March Flash Fiction shortlist announced.
  • 04/04 INTERVIEW. Miles Jones interviews January Award Winner Santino Prinzi about his writing, his commissioned short story, inspiration, and literary influences.
  • 03/04 COMPETITION. The Shortlist for TSS monthly Flash Fiction Competition has been announced.


The Short Story Interviews

  • 28/03 AWARD. Santino Prinzi, TSS  January Award winner publishes his short story ‘Some Place New’ exclusively with us.
  • 25/03 INTERVIEW. Paul Hague interviews Adam Mark about his writing, inspiration, and short story collections.
  • 23/03 INTERVIEW. Samantha James interviews Australian author Fiona McFarlane about her short fiction and writing.
  • 17/03 REVIEW. Debbi Voisey reviews Maria C. McCarthy’s short story collection As Long as it Takes.
  • 15/03 INTERVIEW. Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn interviews Alexa Radcliffe-Hart about writing and short stories.
  • 08/03 INTERVIEW. Rupert Dastur interviews Delia Bennett and Nisha Emich about their multimedia project Works in Progress.
  • 07/03 REVIEW. Hattie Pierce reviews Angela Redman’s short story collection Don’t Try This at Home.
  • 07/03 COMPETITION. TSS Monthly Flash Fiction Competition won by Paula Hunter, with ‘Spires’
  • 04/03 EXT. Launch of a new Flash Fiction website, Flash Fiction Fans, with an annual, intentional Flash 400 comp with prizes amounting to £2000 (top prize £1000) – an affiliate of TSS.
  • 04/03/ REVIEW. Rupert Dastur reviews Being Dad, a short story anthology edited by Dan Coxon.
  • 03/03 INTERVIEW. Rupert Dastur interviews award-winning publisher, translator, novelist, and poet Alessandro Gallenzi.
  • 03/03 COMPETITION. TSS February Flash Fiction Shortlist now up.


  • 26/02 REVIEW. Maria Powell reviews David Constantine’s short stories from his collection Tea At The Midland
  • 26/02 EXT NEWS. Bath Flash Fiction Shortlist announced.
  • 25/02 TSS TEAM. We welcome Maria Powell to The Short Story Team as one of our reviewers.
  • 25/02 INTERVIEW. Rupert Dastur interviews Tom Vowler about the short story form & his new collection Dazzling the Gods.
  • 25/02 REVIEW. Debbi Voisey reviews Joanna Campbell’s short story collection When Planets Slip Their Tracks.
  • 25/02 EXT NEWS. Bath Flash Fiction Long list announced.
  • 24/02 ARTICLE. Sean Preston, from Open Pen, writes about the word ‘submission’ in the short story and writing community.
  • 24/02 REVIEW. James Holden reviews Hilary Mantel’s  short story collection The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher.
  • 20/02 RESOURCES. The Short Story updates its free archive of short stories to over 150 individual texts.
  • 16/02 TSS COMP. Anna Nazarova-Evans wins TSS short story competition with her entry ‘Snow’.
  • 15/02 REVIEW. Rupert Dastur reviews Mary Ann-Constantine’s short story collection All the Souls.


Free Short Stories

  • 14/02 TSS TEAM. The Short Story welcomes Mina Ghosh as their illustrator.
  • 13/02 ARTICLE. Tamsin Hopkins writes about setting and place in short stories. Includes a Q&A session with short story writer Tyler Keevil.
  • 12/02 INTERVIEW. Marie Gethins and Rupert Dastur interview Dr. Calum Kerr, Flash Fiction author and founder of International Flash Fiction Day.
  • 11/02 REVIEW. Abi Hynes reviews the live literary event Verbose, in Manchester, featuring short stories from Jim Hinks, John D. Rutter, and Alisa Cox.
  • 10/02 TSS TEAM. The Short Story welcomes Abi Hynes as fiction and live event reviewer.
  • 09/02 REVIEW. Rupert Dastur reviews Gabriele Ansbach’s short story collection Pick ‘N’ Pix.
  • 06/02 TSS COMP. Jason Jackson’s Flash Fiction ‘Snow’ wins our monthly Flash Competition.
  • 04/02 REVIEW. Debbi Voisey reviews the Bath Short Story Award Anthology.