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TSS six word micro-fiction competition.

The six word short story was brought to public attention by Hemingway’s (cough, cough) famous piece: ‘For sale: baby shoes, never worn.’

It’s a fantastic example of tight, concise writing with a punch. Why not have a go at our own challenge? It’s weekly and free to enter. Simply provide your name, email address, and story in the form at the bottom of the page.


Next deadline: Sunday 19th February 2017

Some further details:

  • Six words maximum. Preferably in English.
  • Competition closes 24:00 BST every Sunday.
  • Our favourites will be published at some point the following week, on this page.
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish any if the standard is not up to scratch.

That’s it, good luck!


P. J. Stephenson

Morning zombie; evening ghost: unforgiving mirror.

Sharon Marie Jones

Six Birthday candles will burn eternally.

Sam JT

My inflatable girlfriend: what a let-down.


June Hunter

Tide’s in. Lifebelt’s gone; shoes float.


Erin Celements

Selling skis, boots, poles, and crutches.


Dawn Lowe

Easter Bunny dropped eggs and scrambled.


Jennifer Moore

Lucky pants let him down. Shit.


Emma Finlayson-Palmer

Grandma watches us from the mantelpiece.


Adrian Lynch

Johnny Tench: died today. Buried yesterday.


Lindsay Moakes

Without you, I can be me.


Jan Kaneen

One marriage, two dads, three kids.


Jan Kaneen

Broken heart seeks builder for reconstruction.


Paul Hague

‘Wrong size, perhaps?’ she said, hopefully.


Nicole Turner

Dead, he finally caused a stink.


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