Flash Fiction 500

The TSS International Flash Fiction Competitions, 2017


Every quarter we will be publishing the best three winning Flash Fiction entries on our Short Fiction page. This is an international competition.

Next Deadline: 31st August 2017 (autumn, 2017)

Wordcount: 500

Entry Fee: £5 

Results: Shortlist announced early September. Winners mid-September.

Prizes: 1st £75, 2nd £50, 3rd £25 

All three winners will be published online.

The shortlist is decided by the TSS panel. The three winners are chosen by our Flash Fiction judges, Meg Pokrass and Rupert Dastur. You can learn more about Meg here.

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TSS Flash Fiction Competition (summer, 2017)

The Flash Fiction Winners (summer, 2017)

The winning Flash Fictions will be published across the next four weeks.

1st Place

Silent Sex 

by Christina Dalcher

‘Still, there had been talk. Before and afterwards. During. An I love you, six sounds, diphthongs and glides and liquids with only a single turbulent v, a soft consonant in so many ways, appropriate to the setting. Our names, whispered. Patrick. Jean.’

2nd Place

If We Could Knock Through

by Sharon Telfer

‘The room was barely furnished, just a single bed, tightly made up with blankets, and a large, old-fashioned wardrobe in dark wood. A damp smell of rotting leaves seeped in through the broken panes.’

3rd Place

Dancing Queen

by Helen Kampfner

‘A grey day here. In a moment of stillness the bag pauses, holds out a hand. Take me. Millie crouches. A trick perhaps, nothing like this has happened for years. Soft plastic skin that moulds itself to hers. Passion at first touch.’


Thank you to all those who entered


The Flash Fiction Shortlist (summer, 2017)

Fish Tank – Grace Keating

Two Dancers At Blackpool Tower – Gerard McKeown

Lil, Angry as Sack as Shook Wasps Sometimes – Douglas Bruton

Dancing Queen – Helen Kampfner

Flying Over – Diane Simmons

If We Could Knock It Through – Sharon Telfer

Where The Plan First Occurred – Amy Kirkwood

Buried Souls – Sally Lane

Silent Sex – Christina Dalcher

Mint With The Hole – Claire Bamber

Reunion – Emily Lassalle

Morecamby Bay – Catherine Finch

Space to Breathe – Sam Stretton

The Internet can Be Dangerous – Beverley Smith

Thank you to all those who entered.



Previous Winners of the TSS Flash Fiction Competitions


‘Cut Through’ by Marilyn Messenger

‘Other People’s Ghosts’ by Catherine Cruse

‘The Frogs’ by Claire MacRae

‘Square of Light’ by Catherine Finch

‘The Caesarean’ by Sophie Van Llewyn

‘Loved by Ramos’ by D. R. D. Bruton

‘Each Family Meal an Opera’ by Kim French

‘The Best He Could Do’ by Brindley Hallam Dennis

‘At the Still Point, There the Dance Is’ by Barbara Renel

‘Crossing’ by Linda Grierson-Irish

‘Unknown’ by Yasmin Keyani
‘Endangered’ by Christopher Stanley

‘Of Bugs and Men’ by Jacqueline Haskell 

‘Snow’ by Jason Jackson  

‘Spines’ by Paula Hunter

‘Seven Stages’ by Jasmin Kirkbride 

‘On Warren Ward’ by Fiona J. Mackintosh 

‘Lambs’ by Alison Wassell 

‘The Things You Said’ by Annelise Altman

‘Blood-ties’ by Marie Gethins


Previous Shortlisted writers for the TSS Flash Fiction Competitions

Tamara Miles

Christopher Stanley

Catherine Finch

Sean Baker

Sophie Van Llewyn

D R D Bruton

Conor Houghton

Paul McDonald

Neil Greybanks

John Holland

Kim French

Geraldine Terry

Alison Wasell

Neil Greybanks

John Holland

Peter Newall

Helen de Baorca

Linda Grierson-Irish

P. W. Jackson

Pia Ghosh-Roy

Sandra Arnold

Michael Thompson

Christopher Stanley

P. J. Stephenson

Sally Lane

Yasmin Keyani

Chris Heywood

Sarah Hitchcock

Chris Hitchcock

Jeanette Sheppard

Jan Kaneen

Sally Lane

Lee Hamblin

Alison Bacon

Jason Jackson

Ceri Lowe-Petraske

Fiona Kyle

Catherine McNamara

Linda Hartley

Alyson Rhodes

Weibo Grobler

Jan Kaneen

Tracy Fells

Colin Watts

Sarah Muldowney