Flash Fiction 500

The TSS Flash Fiction Competitions, 2017


Every quarter we will be publishing the best three winning Flash Fiction entries on our Short Fiction page. 

Next Deadline: 31st May 2017 (summer, 2017)

Wordcount: 500

Entry Fee: £5 

Results: Shortlist announced early June. Winners mid-June.

Prizes: 1st £75, 2nd £50, 3rd £25 

All three winners will be published online.

All shortlisted writers will receive feedback.

The shortlist is decided by the TSS panel. The three winners are chosen by our Flash Fiction judges, Meg Pokrass and Rupert Dastur. You can learn more about Meg here.

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TSS Flash Fiction Competition (spring, 2017)

The Flash Fiction Winners, spring 2017

Full Flash fictions to be published in the coming weeks. Extracts below.

1st Place:

‘Cut Through’ by Marilyn Messenger

I saw it in the dim glow of the lamp. A thick rubber band had been dropped and formed a perfect circle on a clean patch of floor. Rainwater was pooled inside it, and around the upper edge something moved. I doubled over to take a better look.

2nd Place:

‘Other People’s Ghosts’ by Catherine Cruse

Young girls are hard to age, but I would’ve said she was about six, tangled hair and glasses. I didn’t know what colour because she was in black and white. I don’t know if all ghosts are black and white – I think not, but this one was.

3rd Place:

‘The Frogs’ by Claire MacRae

What brings him here now is the pond. He explained to the buyers that if the temperature dropped too low, they should give it a temporary cover. If it froze, they’d have to melt a hole – otherwise, bad air would do for the frogs.

The Flash Fiction Shortlist 

  • ‘Cut Through’ by Marilyn Messenger
  • ‘Other People’s Ghosts’ by Catherine Cruse
  • ‘Dancing Partners’ by Diane Simmons
  • ‘Frogs’ by Claire MacRae
  • ‘I L I K E Y O U’ by Chris Cairns
  • ‘Reverse Burglar’ by Stephanie Hutton
  • ‘The Gallery Assistant’ by Lucia Damacela
  • ‘Spinning Jenny’ by Judi Walsh
  • ‘Drinking’ by Conor Houghton
  • ‘Breath’ by Joanna Campbell
  • ‘tuyo será, y tuyo será’ by Emma Winter
  • ‘Hunks and Colours’ by Mary Taslimi
  • ‘Hide’ by Sharon Telfer
  • ‘A Reel of Thread’ by D.R.D. Bruton


Thank you to all those who entered.



Previous Winners of the TSS Flash Fiction Competitions

‘Square of Light’ by Catherine Finch

‘The Caesarean’ by Sophie Van Llewyn

‘Loved by Ramos’ by D. R. D. Bruton

‘Each Family Meal an Opera’ by Kim French

‘The Best He Could Do’ by Brindley Hallam Dennis

‘At the Still Point, There the Dance Is’ by Barbara Renel

‘Crossing’ by Linda Grierson-Irish

‘The Lighthouse Keeper’ by Sandra Arnold
‘Unknown’ by Yasmin Keyani
‘Endangered’ by Christopher Stanley

‘Of Bugs and Men’ by Jacqueline Haskell 

‘Snow’ by Jason Jackson  

‘Spines’ by Paula Hunter

‘Seven Stages’ by Jasmin Kirkbride 

‘On Warren Ward’ by Fiona J. Mackintosh 

‘Lambs’ by Alison Wassell 

‘The Things You Said’ by Annelise Altman

‘Blood-ties’ by Marie Gethins


Previous Shortlisted writers for the TSS Flash Fiction Competitions

Tamara Miles

Christopher Stanley

Catherine Finch

Sean Baker

Sophie Van Llewyn

D R D Bruton

Conor Houghton

Paul McDonald

Neil Greybanks

John Holland

Kim French

Geraldine Terry

Alison Wasell

Neil Greybanks

John Holland

Peter Newall

Helen de Baorca

Linda Grierson-Irish

P. W. Jackson

Pia Ghosh-Roy

Sandra Arnold

Michael Thompson

Christopher Stanley

P. J. Stephenson

Sally Lane

Yasmin Keyani

Chris Heywood

Sarah Hitchcock

Chris Hitchcock

Jeanette Sheppard

Jan Kaneen

Sally Lane

Lee Hamblin

Alison Bacon

Jason Jackson

Ceri Lowe-Petraske

Fiona Kyle

Catherine McNamara

Linda Hartley

Alyson Rhodes

Weibo Grobler

Jan Kaneen

Tracy Fells

Colin Watts

Sarah Muldowney