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The Short Story hosts three regular short fiction competitions:

We believe short story competitions are a fantastic way of spurring writers to write intense and engaging fiction. Many find a deadline a useful motivational tool and the possibility of seeing your work published for others to read is always an exciting prospect. We hope you will consider submitting your short story for us to read. 

Please use the navigation menu bar above (hover over ‘Competitions’) to find the short fiction contest you wish to submit to, or use the links below.


TSS short story competition

Our advice: Get someone to proofread your short story, cut anything that isn’t essential, and try to surprise us without settling for a ‘trick’ or twist ending – don’t, please, end your story with the narrator dying, or waking up from a bad dream.

TSS Flash Fiction competition

Our advice: Be subtle, be poetic, treat your piece like an onion – with multiple layers, and powerful enough to bring a shudder, if not a tear or two!

TSS microfiction competition

With no entry fee. This is our six word short story competition. A need for careful word selection, a keen understanding of the way a story can be created, and an appreciation for the ambiguity, depth, and weight of individual words. A difficult, but rewarding writing exercise.